Thursday, August 5, 2010


Motherhood is........
  1.  learning the deepest love imanginable and seeing that love grow everyday
  2. being beyond excited at the simplest actions
  3. a smile melting your heart no matter what your mood
  4. going through an immense amount of pain and knowing you would do it a thousand times over for the same outcome
  5. seeing a miracle
  6. trusting in God in a whole new way
  7. never getting bored of talking about your little one even though everyone else most likely will
  8. seeing a whole new side of your husband and loving them in a whole new way
  9. knowing someone from the moment they were concieved and loving them
  10. being puked on, peed on, pooped on and still laughing when you see that smile
  11. giving up your 'freedom' and not even caring
  12. knowing you would do anything if it would save your child any kind of pain
  13. crying at the drop of a hat!
  14. missing someone when they're in the same room with you
  15. never not worrying
  16. feeling a sense of pride over the most amazing gift
  17. getting to watch someone learn everything with such excitement
  18. looking forward to each day for the surprises it may hold
...i have more but i don't want to make these too long....i was just thinking about this today....i don't think i could ever understand this before Hunter was born...i keep telling myself i'm crazy because i can't wait to meet our next baby...but i really want him to be able to be a baby for as long as possible and get to spend time with him and only him...people used to tell me just wait til you have kids you won't want that many even more! well i do!! i can't wait...yes the beginning is hard but now it is just so much fun and i have never felt so much joy!
well that's all for now...i promise not all my blogs will be mushy! ha whoever is reading don't give up on me! i guess i'm in a mushy place right now;)

i mean just look at that face! how can you not be in love! i just love kissing it!
how sweet is this?!

smiling at his mommy:)