Friday, April 2, 2010


ok so i'm a little bit of a fat kid....i love love love food! i just don't get how health freak people do it! i would go nuts if i couldn't eat what i wanted and no butter, no salt, no fun! ask my hubby i am the ' butter queen'! i mean yes i use olive oil sometimes....but i'm more of a paula than a giada!( if you don't watch food network then that makes no sense, i'm addicted to food network)...oh and did you know that jelly beans are fat free and actually have a itty bitty bit of vitamin C in them?! i read that today....made me feel better about the bag i bought;) oh and m&ms with peanut butter are Umazing!! i just ate some and i'm really wishing i had the king size bag now! yummm there all gone now :-(whoever decided to put peanut butter and chocolate and caramel and chocolate together were absolute geniuses! i love them! i don't know them but i love them! yep absolutely no point to this but i love food so i figured i'd write about it! bu bye!

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