Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Overwhelmed and Crazy!

ok so i am officially feeling crazy!! there is just too much to do! first we decided to have people over this saturday as our last thing at our house before the baby gets here...yep that thought was officially stupid...what in the world? i'm 9 months pregnant and i'm gonna have a bunch of people and some children over to my house! that involves cleaning, cooking, dealing with people all over my house and watching to make sure children don't get into things they shouldn't and then the next day cleaning up everything! Also, i just finished one research paper for one of my classes tonight and i'm supposed to have a rough draft for my other class ready to turn in  tomorrow! needless to say that ain't gonna happen! oh can i mention my child has been trying to kill me today?! oh my gosh he dropped even lower so i have had almost constant sciatic nerve pain whenever i try and walk today and he had something(i'm assuming his butt) lodged under my rib cage making me feel like i was just waiting to hear a crack for like 2 straight hours! not to mention these lovely "practice" contractions have been making an appearance more and more! and because he's bigger they are just so comfortable!! let me tell ya! oh and i ordered some packet about working at home...just to make a little extra money while i'm staying home with my baby and it got here and i have an appt tomorrow at 1 to talk to someone about it....i have to have all the info gone through by then too...oh oh and to continue my whining...i have a humongous pile of laundry just waiting on me in my bedroom....and a couple boxes of baby things still to go through! also his bed is all set up, sheets clean, etc but his cradle which will be in our room doesn't have a mattress yet! i need to go and buy things to make something for it! oh my goodness did i mention nine months friday(if not more, i've always thought my doctor was a week or two off) and every day i feel more and more ready to have him!!! so in the next two days i need to do this home business stuff, write my research paper, clean my house completely, and shop and figure out what to have food wise on saturday! oh oh and also i have turned into such a wheeping drives me crazy! i swear someone could say boo and i would puddle! i am officially nutz!

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