Friday, September 24, 2010


My world....well my world is getting more and more upside down! So if you know me you know that Ben broke his ankle and leg pretty badly over a year ago...he's had quite a few surgeries since then and in August he got two more screws out of his leg and scar tissue that had formed scraped out of his ankle(nasty huh?!)....well now that those are gone he can feel the remaining screws....SO now unless his therapy miraculously works in the next couple months...there will be yet another surgery to remove the screws and plate....and he's on his second term of limited duty...well apparently if you have to go on 3 terms of limited duty you get medically if i have not bored you too much and your still reading it means we might be getting out sooner than we duty is up nov 21 and then we'll know i guess....our world is going a bunch of different directions and i'm trying to figure out which way to go...i had every intention of having my degree by the time he got out and then i would work and he would go to school....but our plans haven't exactly ever gone the way we planned...i got pregnant and school was put on the back burner...i have every intention of going back to school...but it's hard when all i wanna do is spend the day with my little boy...but hey life ain't easy! i decided to be a CNA(certified nursing assistant)...not what i had planned but on the way there....i can take a class all day and then study and take the certification test...i can get experience and then hopefully get my RN and then get my BSN while all my friends and people i graduated with are about to graduate college i'm could take me 10 years i don't know what will come in my path next...but i will do to sum it up...we have no earthly clue what is going to happen next year....heck we could be back in memphis by this time next year....don't know....i've also been on an emotional thing because we still haven't found a church to connect too....i've never not gone to church continuously! it's almost been two years....i'm determined to visit as many as possiblet to finally find one....once you get out of the habit it's hard....
ON A LIGHTER NOT....i'm so over this mopy mess ....Hunter is such a boy! oh my goodness....he was sitting in his chair and he would grunt and fart and then smile with glee and laugh...ben thought this was hilarious! which only egged him on!(ok i laughed too)....he also has started to try and crawl....he doesn't exactly get the concpet yet thought which is kinda entertaining....he can totally get his upper body up like straight arms up....and he can get his butt all the way in the air...just not both at the same time! ha he lays his head down and will straighten his legs and get his butt up... and then get mad because he's not moving...i'm waiting for him to just get up and go...he's so close!:) he's very tough too...Ben could not be more proud...he totally has bonked his head and then i get him up and he just smiles and talks like what's wrong with you lady?! i'm very overprotective...but i can't help it! so we think he is just so smart...but he does gag himself with his own fingers and then continue to chew on them....those are his blonde moments...hey he's my son he's got to have them every once in a while:)

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