Thursday, November 4, 2010


So um when you have a baby alot of your life becomes about your changing mushy diapers, you see your stomach and you think mush(i mean it's getting better[it even looks flat again sometimes] but boy honey that was not a fun surprise to see! i mean they deflated the good year blimp and it is attached to your body!), baby food(which by the way can actually sound good but the second you see it or smell it it ain't so pretty!) and it's even prettier coming back out!(did i just go too far? oops!), oh sometimes your brain even goes to mush....ha i am by myself and i suddenly realize i am talking to myself in babytalk! lol yes my little man is my best friend...he's my little buddy...i love having him with me! but i may need to talk to an adult a little more often:) oh and then there is the good mush...little squishy mushy cheeks...both sets! i love love all his mush and i must say i squeeze and tickle and kiss him all the time! once he can talk he'll probably tell me i drive him crazy! well anyways Hunter is growing like a weed and so so smart! i love watching those chunky fingers grabbing for stuff...he can crawl/scoot now! and almost full on crawl! he can get up on all fours but he just kinda shakes and sometimes lunges forward....he also learned to spit!haha which may sound stupid but its so funny! well anyways(i think i say that too often, pardon me) that's all for now...oh i also can't sleep my son's room is too far away for my liking and i am constantly worrying about him...ugh so when i write these it will probably be late!

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