Sunday, January 9, 2011


So even though my baby boy is 8 months old and usually a great sleeper(12 hours a night)....last night(i wrote this last night actually but my son woke up before i could post it) was not one of those nights...230am, i hear him, i go in pick him up and we sway....he's decided he's over being held like a baby so he lays down on my chest...we're swaying, i'm thinking he'll just go back to sleep...then all of a sudden my hand feels wet and my stomach begins to feel've got to be kidding me?!?! this was the second time that night he had an overflow diaper...and at the longest(except for when he's sleeping) he gets changed every 2 hours so it's not like we let him sit in the same diaper forever...he had been sitting in his high chair after dinner and ben had changed him not that long ago...we were cleanin up the kitchen so we left him in the high chair watching us with his sippy cup and a snack...he started fussin a little so i go get him out...i pick him up and he is literally soaked...poor thing!!! i felt awful! i thought he was just fussing because he wanted attention and out of his high chair...i held him out and had ben strip him and run bath water while i went to clean him up a bit and attack that diaper which he had also pooped in...he did have two 10oz bottles that day (plus two more and food and some water) atleast i know he's hydrated! anyways needless to say i was not in the best mood after being peed on at 230 in the child thought it was great! he smiles at me like it's a game...then he decides he's over his bed and screams whenever i try and put him in i decide we'll just sleep on the couch...he falls asleep on my chest pretty quickly but apparently he's going to be that kid with the feet in your face because i swear he could not sit still!!! i got no sleep...i think i finally got him laid down for under an hour in his crib to sleep then back with me on the couch...finally at 730 he woke up for the day...i go in and ask ben to please get up with him because i did not get any sleep last night...he gets up! i love him so much at those moments;-) so i pass out for a few husband informs me when i get up that he went right down to sleep not long after i did...without a single fuss he just laid him in his bed and he went right to sleep...i wanted to slap that proud look off his face...yes he does lay down better for Ben...which i just want to immaturely respond and stick my tongue out at him on that one! OK so skip forward to tonight....i get peed on again!!! he goes down early right before 7 because he's tired from not sleeping great the night before...couple hours later he wakes up(he hadn't really eaten his last bottle)...he downs 7oz rather quickly and then we rock and then he toots very loudly on me and then he pooped...oh wonderful like the 5th one i go to change him, barely have his diaper off, he's all clean, bout to put the clean diaper on and i see him make a face then i look down and realize yep the fountain is up and working! all over my leg and himself and a little on the couch...ben on the other couch begins loudly laughing...really!!! two times...he never even really did that when he was little bitty! oh the joys of having a boy! never thought i'd get peed on and it wouldn't gross me his two top teeth are coming in alot more, you can see them when he's so cute and funny looking...he is of course grinning all over himself while i'm trying to cover him up and start cleaning us both up! he's so proud...he's all boy! oh he also got his first bloody lip today:( Ben was so proud...he was standing at his leap frog table and was bending down to grab a toy on the ground...well he ending up putting his foot on it and slipped and hit the table...he of course began to cry(i was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, ben was out there with him) so i look out to see and ben was picking him up so i finish in the bathroom...ben goes can you get me a towel...i come out asking what happened he starts to tell me...i flip out when i see him and he's got blood on his chin! oh my gosh! I've never seen blood on my baby!!! i automatically wipe his face and start looking to see...he won't let me look in his mouth...he's no longer crying just smiling at his mommy freaking out...i couldn't find a of his teeth must have nicked something when he fell...he could have cared less...i picked him up and he started talking to Ben and grinning....i am out numbered by curious boys who think getting a bloody lip is funny...oh lord help me!

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