Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm gonna do it!

I absolutely refuse to call this a new year’s resolution because I feel like that’s the kiss of death! Lol although I do have many I have made for myself in my head! Anyways I am determined I am going to write a blog either every day or every other day….about my little man. He is growing so fast and learning new things all the time and he just is amazing! I don’t want to forget these moments! Like today, I swear he refused to say mama the whole time we were out of town but now that we’re home every other word (well I say word it’s his own special language) is mama! Which I mean I love except when he’s whining because he’s just so tired but doesn’t want to miss a thing! And then tonight he was laying on me on the couch and ben was in the kitchen…we were playing and cuddling and I say where’s daddy??? Where’d he go? And he looks almost off the couch grinning into the kitchen…it was the cutest thing~! And he did it every time I asked him! Ha I love that he’s learned who we are and what our names are….sometimes I forget he’s only 8 months old because he’s just so funny and his little personality is so strong! Sometimes I expect him to just start talking to me…the past couple days he’s been very cuddly(he doesn’t feel great because of a cold and teeth so he’s my fulltime buddy)…I’ll wrap my arms around him and he puts his arms around my neck and I’ll kiss his neck then he’ll lean into my face mouth open to give me kisses…I LOVE IT! I literally need a stronger word than love….i mean how sweet is that??!?!?! I gotta admit though I did lose my patience a couple times today…I still don’t feel good and today wasn’t a good day for that…and I couldn’t even walk into the bathroom without hunter following me and pulling on my pant leg…it was just one of those days…and he didn’t really get a good nap at all…but as soon as you look at that face grinning at you crawling towards you can’t help but smile…there is NO SUCH THING as a day off in mommyville…to all of my friends who think I have it easy because I don’t have a “job”…I have a job…it’s 24 hours a day seven days a week and I work holidays! But I am very blessed because I am able to stay home with my little boy! Anyways he is learning so much so quickly…he can move from the couch to the ottoman and will stand there basically by himself but with one hand on the couch just in case…he’s learned how to pick things up off the ground by bending his knees and getting back up…a lot less falling going on now…he is into EVERYTHING! You tell him no and he just turns and grins at you(I am in so much trouble)…if he sees something he’s not supposed to have free where he can get it(we’re still getting used to having to babyproof) he will look around and see who’s watching then grin and crawl like the wind huffin and puffin to get to it while he can…it’s so funny!  He also has his two front teeth and one on the bottom…there broken through but not completely out though….and we think he’s actually getting one of his canines already! I have never seen such big teeth on a baby! It cracks me up! He’s gonna be our little bugs bunnyJ he thinks it’s funny to grab my foot and bite it…not sure bout that one but it’s cute! Ok well I’m sure I will remember more later….but first look at this cuteness!! how can you resist?

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  1. grrr at the bottom i know how to spell they're...and that it's not there...ok that's it!