Saturday, March 20, 2010

Not so graceful!

So I'm not even really sure what this blog is going to be about! i guess whoever decides to read this will have to deal with the randomness that is my mind lately....hey i'm 8 and a half months pregnant i'm lucky it works at all! and sometimes is doesn't...ask my husband the simplest word can absolutely escape me! So as i said in the "about me" thing i just had my first wedding anniversary and i'm also expecting my first needless to say this first year has been crazy and surprising! oh also if one sentence has nothing to do with the one in front of it, sorry, if you talked to me in person it would be the same thing!

So i am just so completely done! i mean don't get me wrong i am so thankful for this blessing in our life and
that i am in fact able to carry him! BUT having said that....i'm so over this! i'm done....
~looking completely ridiculous getting in and out of my car
~being fat....not so fond of it!
~getting out of breath from picking a sock off the floor
~oh also just realized i don't have any warm weather clothing that fits me!
~HIGH HEELS...oh how i miss my shoes....they just sit there lonely, not  being worn!
~feeling like a turtle that's been flipped over if i'm laying on my back(oh how this entertains my husband)
~oh and sorry if this is "innappropriate" but boobs...i mean come on they should not be at your chin and
the letter E should be nowhere in my wardrobe!
~not being able to bend or twist
~not being able to stand for more than 5 or 10 minutes without feeling like my son will literally fall out or he starts head butting me!
~this little boy is so so strong...he kills me now when he moves or stretches(sorry little man there is no more room!)
Anyways, there is my little vent for the day...even if no one reads this i feel slightly better just typing it! oh and here is my fear for the day(well month)....i can totally see me walking by myself in walmart or something and my water breaking( i know this is highly unlikely)...then i will have to waddle all the way to my car through the store looking(soaking wet) as if i have peed my pants...i can just totally see something like that happening to me! oh the things people don't tell you about pregnancy...seriously all people tell you is how wonderful and amazing it is...which is is but i mean come on ladies! everything unattractive that can happen to a person, can happen to you when pregnant! i even read somewhere you can grow hair on your face! (this has not happened to me, thank you jesus!) i mean how cruel every inch of you is already expanding daily and then you can spout chin hair! seriously! God has such a sense of humor!

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  1. Hahaha!!! I love it! Yay for you! You did perfectly on your first blog post. You'll be glad you do this~keep them coming, and maybe someday you can read how life was when you carried sweet baby Hunter.